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4 Advantages of Robotic Surgery

by Clare Louise

Over the past 10 years, robotic technology has improved health care, especially in the area of surgery. All thanks to robot-assisted surgery, surgical procedures have improved. Interestingly, it doesn’t benefit the surgeons alone, as patients also have a lot to gain from it. During robot-assisted surgery, little incisions are made on you, and 3 to 4 robot arms are inserted. Two arms serve as the surgeon’s hands, while the other two hold a camera and also remove obstacles, respectively. In this article, you will find the four advantages of robotic surgery.

1. Reduces Infection

When undergoing any kind of surgery, there is a risk of becoming infected. If this happens, the recovery rate will be quite slow and your stay at the hospital will be extended. In addition, complications might arise from these infections. Interestingly, certain body parts have more chances of becoming infected than others. This becomes worse if large incisions are made on these body parts. Fortunately, robotic surgery only makes small incisions, reducing the chances of the body part becoming infected.

2. Faster Recovery

During robotic-assisted surgery, only small incisions are made on the human body. As a result, recovery is faster than that of the usual surgical procedure. A large percentage of people who underwent robotic surgery were able to lead their normal lives after a few weeks of the procedure. When you recover from the surgery quickly, you’ll be able to resume your normal duties and also save costs. However, you must know that the recovery rate depends on the body of the person in question.

3. Reduces Blood loss and Pain 

If only small incisions are made on your body during surgery, you won’t lose too much blood or experience pains. This means you won’t have to use painkillers after the procedure, preventing you from becoming addicted to them. Furthermore, losing too much blood during a surgical procedure can result in a lot of complications. To prevent the loss of blood and the use of pain killers after a surgical procedure, you should opt for robotic surgery. This is another advantage of undergoing robotic surgery instead of regular.

4. Requires only Small Incisions

Unlike regular surgery, robotic surgery doesn’t require large incisions to be made. This is because the surgeons do not make the incisions directly on your body. In addition, the robot detects tremors within the surgeon, so your body isn’t punctured mistakenly. As a result, the risk of bleeding or contracting infections due to these punctured holes is reduced drastically. If you require surgery on a body part that is difficult to access, robotic surgery is the best. Surgery in a difficult-to-access area such as the stomach is quite risky because of the presence of vital organs.


Robotic surgery is way better than the surgical procedures you are using. Fortunately, it can be used to correct problems in the heart, liver, kidney, colon, uterus, bladder, etc. If you choose robotic surgery over regular surgery, you will enjoy the advantages discussed in this article. Finally, check out Invescap for more news on robotic surgery.