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Steps and How to Online Stock Trading

by Daniel Jennings

Stocks have become an investment that has been in high demand by the public in recent years. In addition to the government, many private parties have also introduced stock investment trends through various methods and platforms, one of which is Online Stock Trading investment.

To get started, you first need to know how to buy stocks online. Through education, the government and the private sector want to dispel the notion that stock investment is something that is expensive and can only be done by a handful of people. Advances in technology and education have made everything easier and able to reach a wider audience to invest in stocks.

Investing in stocks online can now be done by both beginners and old players. For beginners, you should know the stages before starting to buy stocks online.

Here are the steps and How to buy Stocks online, citing various sources.

1. Choose a stockbroker

To start investing in stocks, you must join a special forum called a stockbroker. A broker or broker is a firm (company) or individual that brings together and mediates between investors (you) and the capital market.

Simply put, a broker or broker is a party that acts as your liaison or intermediary to buy company shares from various industrial sectors. The broker or broker will later be responsible for all buying and selling of investor (you) shares.

The broker will also help you analyze the capital market, which will help beginners in investing. Also, make sure the broker has up-to-date or easy-to-use apps. Some brokers even provide stock investment classes for free.

2. Register and open a stock account

Membership registration in stock brokerage companies can also be done online. Before you can buy and sell shares, you must register and open a stock account with a brokerage company or also known as a securities company.

In the account opening process, you will be asked to attach a number of documents and fill out a special form. If you are confused, you can contact the securities company directly for guidance on how to open a stock account.

To note, the stock account referred to in this discussion is not a general account that you use on a daily basis. This account is specifically intended to store capital in buying and selling shares or what is commonly referred to as the Customer Fund Account (RDN).

Every securities company will require you to have an RDN. Every share you want to buy the capital will be included in this RDN, as well as selling it.

3. Download app

After registering online, you will usually receive a verification code for RDN activation. After that, you will be asked to download and install the application made by the trading company in question.

If you are confused or have problems logging in, you can directly ask the brokerage company where you join. Alternatively, you can also search for tutorials on how to use the app on YouTube.

4. Initial capital stock investment

The amount of capital required varies and varies from broker to broker. At some brokers, you can start investing in stocks with only tens of dollars. However, there are also those who have to deposit thousands of dollars in initial capital.

Simply put, the capital will be considered as your deposit to buy shares. Therefore, it would be better if you ask in advance about the initial capital of stock investment before registering and opening an account.

5. Share buying and selling transactions

In the process of buying and selling shares, you will be charged certain fees with various or different nominal values ​​for each security company. In buying shares, you will be familiar with the term lot, which is defined as a price measure like an item.

This lot unit is used internationally in stock transactions. Thus, you can only buy shares in lots, the amount of how many lots you want to buy will of course follow your economic capacity. High or low stock prices describe the value and assets of a company.

Those are the steps and ways before buying stocks online. Happy investing!