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Fully Managed VPS Hosting – Is Host4Geeks Better option for Businesses

by Nicholas Walker

The concept of web hosting has evolved over the years and nowadays businesses and individuals are opting for hosting services like never before. This is because web hosting allows individuals and organizations to create their websites and make these sites accessible to other people and earn money out of it. Since every website always requires a hosting server to be accessible to the rest of the world, so it is quite obvious for hosting services to be in demand.

When it comes to choosing a reliable, secure, and fully featured server, the name of VPS hosting comes first and the name which comes into consideration to cater to the client’s VPS hosting need is the market is Hos4Geeks.

Due to the increasing popularity of online businesses, for instance, trading, blogging as a method of making money from home, Host4Geeks VPS hosting services have become more popular as well. In this article, you learn about how the Host4Geeks VPS plan works to cater to their customer’s needs.

An Overview of Host4Geeks’s VPS Plans

Host4Geeks’s VPS hosting services allows you to use online servers with shared equal resources and plenty of RAMs. Indeed, the more RAM available for your plan, there will be more sources for your website.

The company allows you to choose among self-managed or fully managed servers.

If you are tech-savvy and keep the knowledge of administering servers, then Managed VPS servers are indeed a better choice for you.

Here is a brief overview of plans

If you require some support to get your servers running smoothly, then you will have to pay a tad more for fully managed VPS servers.

Host4Geeks VPS plans have been priced at a reasonable rate, with the cheapest plan going at less than $15  per month for a self-managed server and less than $35 for a fully managed VPS server. As you start your business, you can invest in a small plan first if you are starting a small website and then upgrade at a later date.

What users say about Host4Geeks’s Services?

According to reviews,


  1. Host4Geeks has an excellent customer support

Host4Geeks’s cheap cpanel VPS hosting is not only affordable but provides a 24/7 round-the-clock support system, which is indeed true. Whether you need assistance by chat or phone, Host4Geeks is always ready to deal with any issue on a schedule that is comfortable and convenient for you. Admittedly, a reliable support system is very valuable to solve instant queries, most especially if you are just starting in the web business and not a tech savvy.

  1. Their Services Seems Very Reliable

On the other hand, Host4Geeks’s VPS hosting is garnering equally amazing reviews as well. In fact, these two types of services are practically the Company’s expertise. Host4Geeks’s VPS hosting is extremely reliable based on research and tests. Majority of the reviews for the Host4Geeks’s VPS hosting servers are positive, which only indicated that realistically most of their clients are satisfied with their services that they deliver. What’s more, in the long run, it is not just about money after all, but rather, the satisfaction and the high-quality service that you get from a web hosting company. Although there are a plethora of cheap VPS hosting companies are available in the market, you have to critically think of the true value of the amount that you pay for. With Host4Geeks’s hosting, you will certainly get the best value for your money.


  1. Securing client’s Data is their utmost priority

Securing a website is indeed the first priority of every domain holder. That’s why Host4Geeks’s all plans come with a free SSL certification (which is meant to secure your server in case of cyber attack and data breach). This is the best option to safeguard your website against unauthorized DDoS attacks and other threats.

  1. Free migration services make them scalable web hosting company

Customers have found them the most scalable website host when it comes to ease the process of migration. Well, data migration involves a lot of challenges in terms of the threat of data loss, downtime, saving all the SEO work done previously, etc. However, Host4Geeks offers free migration services for new users who have previously hosted their site with another hosting company. Even if you opt for the Startup plan, you’ll not have to pay an additional amount for the migration services and customer representatives will assist you to ease the process migration.

See what real users think about Host4Geeks’s VPS hosting plans:

Earn Money Online With Host4Geeks Affiliate Program:

Host4Geeks offers one of the high paying commissions in the market. Their affiliate program is free to join with an instant bonus of $15 and 40% commission per sale. Many top bloggers and websites are associated with their affiliate program and are earning a good amount of money per sale.

As a web hosting affiliate program has a big margin of commission per sale, so you can easily make thousands of dollars if you are willing to join. I personally recommend Host4Geeks affiliate program as I believe on their world class service.

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Overall, the company falls right at the top when to see the various options for VPS hosting needs. It’s extremely secure servers and excellent customer support made it stand out from the crowd.

You will not have to give a second thought once you will start using their plans.