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APUS Turbo Cleaner

by Daniel Jennings

In today’s fast paced world, technology has become a savior, but many times we have become overwhelmed by it all. Be it work, study or entertainment, we have become slaves of our devices. Today most of us use our smartphones to accomplish a majority of our daily tasks, be it keeping up with our messages and emails, downloading content, playing games, taking pictures or just streaming videos. But the smooth functioning of these tasks requires a healthy device, and safety from all kinds of dangers that lurk in the Internet. With all the clutter and junk that accumulates, the smoothness of our functions gets disrupted, leaving us with headaches and looming deadlines. 

There are many apps on the market which can help us overcome these obstacles individually, but very few that combine many services in one. Out of all these, Apus Turbo Booster stands out from the crowd. From the moment you open the app, the thing that stands out the most is the simplicity and attractiveness of the interface. Its user-friendly interface hides a plethora of services that will assure you of the smooth running of your device free of charge. There are many alternatives to this application like Clean Master, Nox Cleaner, AVG Cleaner and etc.


This app, as promised is an all-in-one app. It includes:

  • Phone boost, which helps clear all the unnecessary junk from your RAM
  • Anti-Virus, will keep your device protected from the latest threats out there, and allows you to perform a full device scan whenever and wherever you feel like it.
  • CPU Cooler is a life saver for any situation that puts your device at risk of overheating. 
  • Battery Saver helps you select apps that are rarely used and freeze them, so that they wouldn’t drink up all that important energy.
  • Free up more storage option, lists all the unnecessary files that clutter up your storage in an easy and categorical manner, identifying the useless cache, residual junk, unused apps, obsolete APK and duplicate files.

In addition to the above features on the main page, there is a dedicated section called the AppLocker, which will heighten the privacy of your apps to another level, by imposing a unlock pattern every time you want to access it. The Privacy Protector allows you to easily perform a full scan of the device within seconds, and secure your messages, by keeping your notifications message preview private, and even scan your WIFI to check for any threats.

Finally, the Space Cleaner offers a quick way of cleaning up the unwanted data from WhatsApp, Facebook and the System Cache, without ever leaving the app. It also has an App Manager subsection that will help you identify and uninstall space using apps.

Finally, APUS TURBO CLEANER is a one stop app, for all your app security, privacy and managing functions. It delivers all these services in a seamless manner, without having to install a thousand and one other apps.

Download Apus Turbo Cleaner App

This is a free Android cleaner application available for all Android phones. First use your default Android app store to download and install this application. Open Play Store app and search this app. If you found that application on your search results you can install it there. Don’t worry if you are unable to find this application on play store. You can use any third-party Android app store like AC Market.

First download and install AC Market application. Then go to search and type this app. You will see this application on search results. Select and install. Just like you do on play store.