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How can I purchase UPC codes for my products?

by Daniel Jennings

If you want to sell your products on Amazon, Wal-Mart, or every other marketplace you first need UPC codes. This makes having a valid UPC codes more vital than ever.

On Amazon you don’t need it if you apprehend ASIN of a product; but if you don’t have these, you then definitely really do need a UPC. Wal-Mart but accepts simplest UPC and GTIN-14 as identification numbers. This manner you need to have one in each of them to list a product on Walmart.com. This makes having a valid UPC codes more vital than ever.

What is a UPC?  The Universal Product Code (UPC) is a barcode semiology extensively used with inside the United States and in one of kind worldwide places for tracking change devices in stores.

Where do I get a UPC code?

If you Google for options, you can find out styles of deals: internet web sites selling UPC codes for a whole lot much less than 10 cents each, and businesses selling a single UPC for more than $20.

After contacting assist of severe marketplaces, talk me to a couple of merchants, and GS1 assist (statistics@gs1us.org and 937.435.3870), we concluded that any vicinity selling UPC other than GS1 is best a reseller of numbers, and it’ll now no longer list your name due to the fact the manufacturer. Many places online sell cheap UPC codes, but this can be hit or miss, and you most in all likelihood will end-up searching for invalid codes or codes used by one of a kind merchants. There are many court cases about that online and on the BBB website.

For example, we have got a customer who offered UPC codes from snapupc.com, and none of them are working with Wal-Mart. However, we have got a couple of client who makes use of UPCs that they haven’t any trouble with using them on places like Amazon and Wal-Mart – it’s miles really hit or miss.

There are strategies you can get UPC codes the proper manner:

Option 1: If you want the UPC numbers to be listed in your name, you then definitely really are required to shop for from GS1. Go to www.gs1us.statistics and exercise for a GS1 Company Prefix.  Pricing can be determined here (to buy codes and pay an annual fee)

Option 2: If you don’t need your private prefix, you can by skip to and get codes without the every year fee. There, you can buy a single UPC for $10 each (or a whole lot much less if you buy more than one).

You will want to double-check with stores on the way to be selling your product(s) and ask whether or not or now no longer they want you to have your private business enterprise prefix. That can also additionally even determine wherein you need to by skip. It seems like Amazon and one of a kind online retailers require you to go with the highly-priced version (preference 1).

What if you are a small carrier company who does now no longer want to spend plenty of dollars for few UPC codes?

This is what we usually suggest:

If you run a medium or massive organization, you can give you the cash for the UPC pricing and planning to sell on many online marketplaces, and to resellers, go with GS1 and get your private business enterprise prefix

If you are on a very good budget, try services and get a small quantity of UPC codes. See with inside the occasion that they validate with the marketplaces you need it for. In the greater intense case scenario, you can definitely purchase a thousand useless random numbers for $170. It seems definitely nicely really well worth the risk, but it should be considered a short-term strategy. As your organization grows, you can most in all likelihood need to use GS1 in a unmarried component anyway.