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  Minimising Gas Hazards With Area Gas Monitoring Solution

by Clare Louise

Outdoor and indoor gas leaks serve as particular kinds of hazards to any secured environment. Both housing residences and commercial workspaces are exposed and unsafe from these gas leak risks. It may be too late to know when toxic/hazardous gas clouds have already engulfed your environment if you’re relying on a personal monitor. Therefore, purchasing a fixed/portable gas detector in Singapore can be a wise choice.

Investing in an early detection system covers alerting your residential or workplace should gas levels reach a hazardous level. While there are several detection systems available in today’s market, we will look at real-time area monitoring.

Defining Area Gas Monitoring

An area monitor is set up as a perimeter-monitoring device that concentrates and merges the assets of the portable and fixed detector into a single solution. It is used in areas while workers are operating simultaneously – while maintaining its mobility to transport from one location to another. Area monitors are not considered personal protective equipment despite their portability or mobility. Area monitors serve as safeguard devices for a group of workers operating in a single area/perimeter.

Real-time area monitoring devices require continuous collection and processing of data for streamlining buffer results. The continuous process allows for convenient access to data/results in real-time via computer or mobile devices at any given time or location.

Using Area Gas Monitoring Device


Area monitoring devices are deployed in industrial facilities, maintenance programs, confined-space environments and even in far-working industrial spaces such as gas platforms. As situations and conditions do fluctuate in a given perimeter, area monitors can act as fixed detector solutions. It is intended to be functional for round-the-clock protection and alert workers for potential poisonous or combustible gas leaks.

In many situations or given scenarios, workers would often incorporate these devices as an additional instrument with their personal gas detection apparatus.

Essential Must-Haves for Successful Gas Area Detection Program


Area monitoring utilises the best of both worlds in terms of utilising the advantage of a portable and fixed detector. Despite these features and inherent characteristics, not all gas area monitors are designed and made by manufacturers in equal terms. Some are qualified for fence-line monitoring, while others work better when settled in confined spaces.

Nevertheless, incorporating a few ideas and effective practice can make up for a successful gas detection program. A large percentage may go with the device, but the remainder of the efforts should be in the hands of the practitioners.

Without further ado, here are some essential must-haves for a successful gas area detection program:

Seamless connectivity

An integral component for a successful streamlining of collected and processed data can be made possible when there is a steady, uninterrupted, seamless connectivity. A solution can alert workers in real-time danger via computer or mobile devices if the connectivity system setup is seamless and simplified.

Taking advantage of smart digitisation and integrating the device in a stable network that covers the perimeter to share information is a way to make seamless connectivity possible.

Use the latest advanced sensors

Whether you’re purchasing an area gas monitor or a portable gas detector in Singapore, we can all agree that sensors are the first thing that shouldn’t be compromised. Gas detectors and monitoring devices should be accurate and active to provide area safety with a proper response based on the sensor’s sensitivity. The higher or faster the response time of the sensor, the more effective and high-performing the device will be.

The better the sensor, the more capable it is in detecting the presence of multiple gases at the same time and providing notification and alert. It ensures no lapses in security and minimises risks/downtime for worksites. Today’s latest sensors also have better durability and extended lifecycle with components designed to last longer.

Live-monitoring capability

It’s easy to find a gas detector in Singapore that is capable of utilising and taking advantage of network connectivity for live monitoring. Live monitoring has seen paramount importance for contemporary local and remote sites where the safety of operators lies in real-time information.

Safety managers and the management department, on the other hand, have access to accurate real-time feedback results and information at their fingertips. Anyone involved can receive immediate notifications and alarms, plan for a mass evacuation and create a more controlled environment with all connected devices under a single network.

Connectivity isn’t exclusive to an area or for a fixed detector. Industries are putting huge favour on real-time monitoring devices because it offers convenience in planning for a safer evacuation through shared alarms and remote alerts. It allows identifying hazards via audible or visual notifications.

Easy and quick network deployment

If you are seeking an area monitoring or fixed detector for a successful gas monitoring program, consider a preconfigured solution. Monitoring network solutions should be ready out-of-the-box and easy to set up while maintaining a user-friendly interface that requires no special IT skills. Such systems have the incredible advantage to minimise introducing errors in the system while maintaining efficiency and intuitiveness.

Consider finding a setup with easy-to-follow instructions or containing a friendly-user guide from the manufacturer and real-time feedback. With that in hand, operators will no longer need to take time to digest complex instructions and selections. It allows shift focus on the most integral part of your operation without wasting time or having the need to hire additional staff.


Real-time area monitoring allows for a holistic monitoring solution of the environment. The integration of a portable and fixed detector along with network connectivity enables the worksite to be benefited from advanced detection and warning against gas hazards.

In addition to the constant access and processing of data, employees can have confidence in a monitoring performance that makes for a successful gas monitoring program.

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