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Radiosonde Hunting Article – Weather Balloon Edition

by Nicholas Walker

There was a quick article not that long about on Wired.com that was describing the hobby of radiosonde hunting. To those of you who do not know – a radiosonde is basically a box that contains electronic sensors measuring things such as temperature, humidity, wind as well as the GPS location. It is carried to the upper atmosphere through a weather balloon. These are being launched twice a day in numerous locations worldwide and it is performed by the meteorological agencies. This is ho the data for weather forecasting is being compiled in the first place.

The article on Wired is explaining the hobby which is basically a way to use radios in order to hunt as well as compiled the radiosonde whenever it bursts and falls down on the surface. The author also describes how we was able to convince the Swiss Meteorological agency to provide him with an opportunity to attach a GoPro to the radiosonde – it allowed him to accumulate some interesting pictures.

Receiving and decoding radiosonde data using an RTL-SDR is very much possible in many different places of the world, and you can easily check out numerous tutorials available on the net. You will therefore get all the knowledge possible and will acquire much more within the very least amount of time feasible.

Therefore, if you are after the best ways to make the best from your needs as well as requirements, feel free to explore the DXer’s forum entry and get all the data at one place within the very least amount of time possible.

There, you will definitely acquire more info on the hobby as well as all the best ways to capture more images within the very least amount of time possible. The forum is being constantly updated, so you will definitely get the most from your needs.

Therefore, if you are an enthusiast looking to make the best from your needs, this right here is the ideal solution that will be ideal for you in just about every single way possible and you will definitely keep on coming back for more in the future as well. Check out the various ways to enjoy your hobby and you will definitely never regret it in the first place as well. Explore it all and make the best from your requirements asap – you most definitely deserve it, do you not?