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Social Media Audit Tips Using Tools Like NetBase Quid

by Nicholas Walker

If you want to take your online marketing campaigns to another level, you have to analyze the performance and impact of your social media accounts. You have to know which accounts attract the most customers and which ones have the least impact. Additionally, you have to be sure of the kinds of updates needed to make the accounts better.

It may not be easy to achieve all these if you do not have the righ audit tools like NetBase Quid. These tools provide all the statistics that you need to understand what you are gaining from online marketing. They also allow you to track your competition and know what they are doing to achieve more sales.

Track all Social Media Accounts

To be sure of getting accurate analytics from social media audit tools, you should track all accounts. Think about the ones you created a long time ago, and find out if they are still useful. You also need to find out if any of the accounts are likely to bring in more customers than the rest. If you are allowed to link them, do so because it slows you to post seamlessly. If the accounts are too many for you to manage every day, you may want to enlist the help of someone. You only need to make sure that they post accurate information across all the platforms.

Update Every Account

Social media audit tools such as NetBase Quid will not provide the best results if you do not update them. Your online followers will be focusing more on your latest information and profiles because it reflects the current status of your business. If they’re encountering your profiles for the first time, they will presume that you are talking about the latest products. That is the reason you should be focusing on your profiles across these platforms. If the profiles were created several years ago, you might want to include the latest upgrades to your business. Think about the platforms in which you have enjoyed positive reviews and link them to your profiles too.

Focus on Your Best Posts

Not every post that you make on your social media platforms will attract the same kind of tractions. Over time, you will know the conversations that your audience likes to have. The most popular posts are the ones that you will be using to convey essential information. In addition to that, these are the posts that you should be focusing on.

Be sure to provide comments on every post and reach accordingly to get the best results. Your social media marketing campaigns will be boosts when such posts are shared and read widely. However, this does not mean that you should ignore the least performing accounts because they need some work too. NetBase Quid is a social media audit tool that can help you with insights on how to improve them.

Track the Results

Tracking the results from online engagements is the most essential part of a social media audit process. You have to know your progress over certain time frames. Through tracking, you will easily know the areas that need improvement and the ones that you can do away with. The best part is that tracking your social media performance has been made easy thanks to the introduction of tools like NetBase Quid. You can always get social media audit report any time you want.

Do not forget to carry out social media audit tasks regularly because if you if ore them for too long, it may be difficult to fix some damages. It is always good to use digital tools to detect and fix problems early and keep the campaign on course.