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Top 7 benefits of remote working in 2021

by Nicholas Walker

Working from remote location has become mainstream in the past year with the COVID pandemic compelling people to work from home and giving rise to the remote working culture. While remote working has its challenges but if done properly it can be a productive setup and provide for immensely satisfying results for all parties.

Top advantages of working remotely

Working remotely has various benefits and according to approximately 72% of talent professionals that use analytical tools, these advantages have become more apparent in the recent times. Let us have a look.

1) Increased focus on your work: There can be various types of distractions at work however when you are bunkered in your dedicated remote location, you don’t get all these distractions and you are solely focused on working thus increasing the productivity of your time.

2) Reduction in stress: A recent study found that working remotely reduces stress levels which is a big help in increasing the productivity and the efficiency of work. When employees work remotely from home, they don’t have to deal with the office politics which is a big advantage.

3) Reduced expenses: Working remotely means you don’t need to spend on gas or public transport which leads to less expenditure.

4) High productivity levels: When the employees are working remotely they avoid the constant trouble of travel, and the various distractions that one faces at workplace which is some kind of relief for them. The dedicated workspace at home provides an ideal platform for more streamlined and focused way of working which increases the productivity levels.

5) More flexibility and freedom: Most of the offices tend to work on 9 to 5 or 10 to 6 schedule. For some employees this might not be the most productive time of working. When employees are working from home they can afford to have flexible working hours and it gives them the freedom of working as per their convenience.

6) Improved morale: The employees working remotely exhibited marked improvements in their morale and mental well-being.

7) Healthy work-life balance: When you are working in corporate offices, the commuting and work hours take most of the time which has an impact on relationships. Working remotely solves that problem and helps in maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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