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Using Incognito Mode With Google Chrome For Ultimate Privacy

by Dennis Carlson

Using incognito mode while browsing with your Google Chrome browser is one way to keep yourself anonymous and private. The incognito feature has become a standardized part of using web browsers today and many users today use it when they do not want to be tracked by advertisers or have their search history saved. In this guide, we will show you how to use the incognito mode while you are browsing and how to navigazione in incognito.


When using a PC, there are two methods you can use to access the incognito mode. There is a shortcut method and a manual way to activate the incognito window.

For the shortcut, users should press the Ctrl+Shift+N buttons to automatically open an incognito window. To open the window manually, users should access the three dotted menu on the right side of the screen and manually select “New Incognito Window” from the options. The incognito window has a visibly dark theme and there is an option for you to block third-party cookies when you browse to further increase your security. You can also switch your tab to regular browsing mode with the toggle button that’s available on the right side of the screen.


For mobile users, they can access the incognito browser by pressing the three dotted menu on the right side of the screen and selecting “New Incognito Tab”. The option for blocking third-party cookies is available to further protect you while you browse on your mobile device. You should note that google will not save any data from your incognito sessions and if you close the incognito tab, there will be no data to retrieve.


Browsing in the incognito mode allows you to be anonymous online. It also prevents you from being tracked by websites and advertisers who want to use your information to sell you ads. With the incognito feature, you are safe from tracking and your browsing session will not be saved online or offline. You could also open links from a regular browsing session in incognito mode by right clicking on the link and selecting “open in incognito window”


Browsing privacy is a serious issue for many netizens today. With the use of tools such as incognito browsing, surfers of the web can be better protected when they use the internet and they will have the freedom to be themselves online.