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Which are the best video player apps for your iPhone?

by David Wason

iPhone is always preferred for the excellent security features it holds. On one hand, this security feature does a whole lot of good, whereas this holds a drawback as well. One cannot play videos with different formats using the iPhone’s default video player application. There are a whole lot of video player applications released by the third party using which the users can play the videos. Some of the best three video player application for iPhone is listed below.

  • KMPlayer 

If you are a fan of slow-motion to get a glimpse of all the subtle nuances in the videos being played, then you need to make use of KMPlayer. The default skin of the video player application is very appealing, the dark shade attracts the viewers. The user interface of the application is very exciting for any person who is not aware of the features of the video player application. One can add a lot of videos to the library of the KMPlayer application and also segregate it based on the types of videos being uploaded.

  • OPlayer 

If you have issues with the capacity of your tablet, laptop, mobile phone, or any computer, then you can download OPlayer. This media player is not too large and is best suited for watching videos on the go. Also, the audio quality of the Oplayer is too good. One can manage the files uploaded on to the player in a much easier manner. The sync between audio and video can be established in a very simple fashion. One can log in to the video player both from the computer as well as your other electronic devices, so file management can be done from both the ends.

  • Infuse 

Infuse has some of the top-notch features. Ultra HD, hardware decoding, drag and drop feature to upload videos onto the player. The storage capacity of the video player is too large for it to hold different types and file formats. It is easy to add subtitles from opensubtitles.org. Smart upscaling allows for even the videos with low resolution to be uploaded onto the video player. Parental control is possible in a media player like Infuse. One can create custom playlists from the videos that have been uploaded onto the media player.

After much deliberation, these three video player applications have been jotted down for the video player for MacThere are other types of video player applications that can be downloaded from the app stores as well.