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Why is Home Surveillance Important?

by Daniel Jennings


When you feel safe for too long, you might think doing proactive actions on upgrading your home security to the next level seems unnecessary. Homes as safe spaces is a primal concept. Locking doors and installing gates are the two security systems that have existed before home security evolved with technology. If you think about it, it is what most homeowners can afford to have in keeping their houses secured from home invasion and burglary. However, have you ever thought about investing in CCTV surveillance in Singapore to be up-to-date with the times? While this goes beyond what you know about the basics of having a home security system, you should know that having one installed in your home is a way to reduce feelings of anxiety that is induced by your thoughts of getting robbed by people who know how to pick locks.

The control of how you safeguard your place has always been yours. You will be the one to make the calls when you think that your home security needs to take a step further. Well, this article will tell you all about how home surveillance is that step that you need to take, especially in this technology-driven world!

What is Home Surveillance?

Home surveillance, more often known as home security, is the way homeowners install video-recording devices that capture the scope of their property to document any suspicious activity within the area. In short, it is how you can keep a watchful eye on your property. These devices are excellent tools that help you monitor or see what is happening outside your home because of their advanced features, such as motion detection.


Thanks to the improvements in technology, and mass-market affordability, home surveillance is now accessible to homeowners like you. The quality of which it was built, not only gives you the high level of security that you are looking for, but also gives you the convenience of connecting these video devices to your phone!

Why Get Home Surveillance?

When you feel safe, it contributes to your wellbeing. Since you do not anticipate either harm or hurt when you are in your home with surveillance outside, it will allow you to enjoy the comfort that puts you in a deep sense of moment awareness that creates an overall sense of calmness! Below, are some reasons to help you get into a final decision of investing in high-quality home surveillance.

  1. Peace of mind

Elaborating on what was already said in this article, installing home surveillance helps you get a restful sleep at night and the desired peace of mind that every homeowner is looking for. Since you can now watch what is happening on your property when you are working or away from home, you can work or sleep peacefully knowing that there are no problems in your home!

  1. Intimidate criminals

Seeing that your home has an outdoor camera, criminals are less likely to rob you. Some homeowners would even install dummy cameras since burglars would usually run the other way when they see there is a CCTV camera on your property. However, buying a dummy one would be counterproductive. Every corner is a possible place where burglars can enter, so you must ensure that your cameras are working.

  1. Check your family and pets

Being away, you would want to know what is happening in your family at home. What is good about home surveillance today is it can connect to your smart devices! In this way, you would see what your children have been doing on your phone’s screen. Cases of emergency are what your surveillance camera can detect as well. Some devices would send alerts if they discovered sudden motion within their scope! As soon as you see where that motion alarm that your CCTV captured, you can call the police immediately.

  1. Little to no maintenance

If you decide to get CCTV surveillance for your home, you can expect them to require next to no maintenance. Once you get them installed, you can trust that they can withstand harsh weather conditions that happen seasonally. One may say that they are passive bodyguards. Nonetheless, you can enjoy a secured home if you only invest in high-quality ones that are made from robust materials and upgraded technology!

  1. Insurance benefits

Insurance claims are never an easy and smooth process. They need plenty of proof before you can get one after an incident. After a burglary, however, the process can be sped up with your high-definition security cameras. It is your key to getting that claim faster because it documented what had happened. Knowing that footage can get the culprit of your house burglary, you must try to buy robust video-surveillance that can run for hours and hours on end. It is definitely an investment that you would not regret!

Where to Get Home Surveillance?

CCTV and other security alarms can dramatically increase the safety of your property and keep your family and pets protected! Now that you have decided that you are getting home surveillance for your space, you must be thinking about the brands of cameras you should buy and where you should buy them. Well, there is one CCTV surveillance company that can provide what you need! It is none other than One Stop Office Solutions (OSOS)

With OSOS, you would be getting the latest hardware and software that one would need in a home security system. They have CCTVs, alarm keypads, glass break detectors, among many others that would help you achieve a highly secured home!

Are you ready to take that next step further for a highly secured home? If so, you should visit OSOS’s website so they can offer you their latest home surveillance devices that can make you sleep better at night!