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4 Reasons Why You Should Share Internet Connection

by David Wason

Did you know that more than 4.6 billion people on earth are regular users of the internet? Using an internet hotspot is a great way to get work done while on the go, or to stay in touch with the people that mean the most to you. One of the best options that you can have for ensuring that you have an internet connection is by choosing to share internet connection with others.

Deciding to share wifi brings a ton of great benefits for you and those that you share your wifi password with. It makes internet access affordable and accessible for many people in your area.

The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to learn more about why you should share internet connection with your neighbors and friends. Keep reading this article to learn more!

What Is a Shared Internet Connection?

A shared internet connection occurs when you get together with your neighbors and you decide to share your wifi password or internet hotspot information with them. It allows many people to have access to the internet for less money. Internet plans aren’t cheap, so some families could spend close to $100 per month on internet service.

In a world that is going more and more digital and remote, it isn’t doable to go without an internet connection at your home. You’ll also struggle to stream your favorite shows and sporting events. Internet gaming is also impossible if you don’t have a strong internet connection to work with at your home.

A shared internet plan is one that allows multiple devices to use the same internet connection throughout the home at the same time. It is much more effective than having a dedicated internet connection for each device that needs an internet hotspot.

What Are the Benefits When You Share Internet Connection?

At this point, you’re probably wondering what the benefits are that come with choosing to share internet connection with those around you. It might sound risky when it comes to cyberthreats and other aspects of security, and that might turn you or others away from the idea. Still, there are many great things to consider when you decide to share wifi.

  1. Lower Internet Expenses

The most immediate benefit that comes to mind when you choose to share internet connection with those around you is the savings that come with the decision. Internet service is not cheap, and the faster your internet connection is the more money that you’re likely to spend.

In times that are filled with economic uncertainty and inflation, every bit of money that you can save each month is a win. Choosing to share your internet connection with your neighbors or flatmates is a wonderful way to get the internet hotspot that you need at home at a major discount.

Imagine having to pay the full price for an internet service that you’re not using all of the time. If you have neighbors that also need internet service then you should get together with them and get their thoughts on sharing a wifi connection. If they agree, divide what it costs and let them know their portion of the expense each month.

Sharing your internet connection with other people living in your area or in your home allows you to save a ton of money on your internet bill each month. It is worth giving a try if you can save a few hundred dollars each year. You can learn more about sharing your internet connection with Mac computers at https://setapp.com/how-to/share-wifi-from-mac.

  1. One Password to Remember

If you’ve ever tried to manage to remember a bunch of different passwords for your personal accounts or at work then you know how taxing it is. One of the best benefits of choosing to share internet is the fact that your brain gets a break. You don’t need to remember a plethora of passwords in order to get an internet connection and work.

Everyone that is connected to the internet has the same password, which eliminates a ton of confusion and will make your life much easier. You’ll also eliminate the need of the people that are using your internet hotspot to ask you for the password since they’ll have an easy time remembering it.

  1. Boosted Connectivity

Sharing internet is also great because it allows multiple people to connect to the internet connection at one time. Imagine that you need to connect to the internet to do your job from home but your neighbor’s child needs it to attend online school. In this setting, it isn’t a big deal because when you share your internet connection both parties can log in and have access to the things that they need.

There is no waiting for someone to log off and there is no arguing. It is quick and easy for everyone that wants to use the wifi password and internet hotspot.

  1. Security Protection

If you’re worried about cyberthreats that come as a result of choosing to share your internet connection with neighbors then there is a perfect solution. You need to get malware protection and anti-virus software. Taking these measures will keep your devices safe and allow you to make the most of your internet connection with none of the risks.

Adding a firewall will mean that the internet hotspot is as good as a dedicated internet connection. You’ll be protected from people that want to harm you or steal your important information. You’ll get all of the same levels of protection at a massive discount compared to paying for a year of dedicated internet service.

Take Measures to Share Internet Connection Today

Choosing to share internet connection is a great way to build a strong relationship with your neighbors or roommates. It is also a wonderful way to save a boatload of money when it comes to getting an internet connection in your home since you’re splitting the costs with others. Best of all, you can still get the same level of security when you share internet through a firewall and anti-virus software.

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