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How Does the AccessiBe WordPress Plugin Add Value to Users with Disabilities?

by Dennis Carlson

The online needs of a user with disabilities are different from regular users. Most nations of the world have imposed a legal mandate on business owners to make their sites accessible to them round-the-clock. In the past, the ordeal of making a site accessible for everyone was a costly affair. Businesses had to resort to manual techniques where web developers were hired for the task. This ordeal was very expensive for small business owners, and they often resorted to DIY methods that often went wrong, resulting in lawsuits and fines.

The biggest advantage of the accessibe wordpress plugin is that you are able to resolve accessibility issues in a cost-effective and timely manner. It is a convenient tool that runs in the background and hampers the user interface in no way. This plugin is convenient for you to install- it just takes two minutes.

If you examine WordPress today, you will find that sites built on this platform have a competitive edge over their peers when it comes to SEO and web accessibility. However, the accessibility levels of the site also depend upon the theme or the plugin you use and how it has been created and developed. If you are using a plugin or a theme that is inaccessible in nature, users with disabilities will face many problems with your site.

Avoid discrimination among users

As a business owner, you have the onus to avoid discrimination among users of your site. Installing this plugin will make it possible for you to create an all-inclusive environment for everyone to enjoy a comfortable experience forbrowsing through your site.

When you use a WordPress accessibility plugin, you are able to enhance the user experience of every visitor on your site. There are several features for accessibility like image alt tag, video transcripts, and more. Search engines like websites that are accessible and offer them priority over the ones that are not. This means when you enhance the accessibility of your WordPress site; you are able to get high page ranks and attract more targeted traffic with success.

Scans to make your site fully compliant

This plugin conducts regular scans for making your website fully compliant round-the-clock. You are able to assess the levels of accessibility of your WordPress site via a free aCe scanner and get an accessibility audit for your reference.

When you pay attention to the above, your business gets the rewards it deserves. You enjoy the benefits of enhanced traffic and search engine optimization. If you have taken the trouble to create a sleek WordPress site, you obviously do not wish to take risks with accessibility and compliance issues, do you?

Accessibility is a key web design practice for every business owner to be aware of. It is crucial for them to ensure their site accessibility meets global standards. With the accessibe wordpress plugin, you are able to create a professional and thriving WordPress website.