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5 Marketing Channels to Focus On In 2021

by David Wason

What marketing channels should you choose to focus on in 2021? The industry in marketing is huge in itself, but if you’re not sure where to really hone in on your efforts, we’ve compiled a handy guide for you. Is getting the word of mouth from real people going important? How well are you managing your website, and is it working to bring in sales? This guide breaks down the most important tactics you will need to tackle your marketing strategy in 2021 head on.

The first marketing channel is through word of mouth. (Social Media Today) (https://www.socialmediatoday.com/marketing/attention-marketers-people-dont-trust-you) reports that 4% of consumers are believers in marketing specialists having integrity. So, the people behind the scenes of your business need to be honest and transparent through the customer journey because this helps build trust with your customers. Theoretically, if you’re a trustworthy business, more potential customers will come your way because they’ve heard a good word about you. Build positive word of mouth by treating your customers like they are your only one.

The next marketing channel is through podcasts, which are becoming more popular. People are increasingly time-poor, so they might be likely to listen in to an insightful podcast in their free time or as they commute to work. Create podcasts and get real people from your brand talking about valuable topics that your audience wants to know about. Give free tips or get a question and answer style going with the Director. This will increase your brand awareness over time, which will help your overall sales strategy.

Get Active on SEO, Email and Social Media

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO service, is a critical part of how thousands of companies are growing as brands. It’s a highly effective way of showing up on Google’s listings, next to your competitors, and means you drive more traffic naturally to your website. More traffic usually means more sales, which is what matters. SEO is a long term game though, so it’s worth taking a course into at least the basics, or even better, hiring an SEO specialist to tackle the website performance for you.

Email usage is growing rapidly. In fact, (Statistica) (https://www.statista.com/statistics/462159/usa-email-usage-reach/) reports that over 90% of Americans on the internet use their email. Email marketing is an easy way for you to create another touch point with your prospects, in the hope of converting them into a customer over time. It goes further than this too, once you’ve converted someone into a customer. If you nurture that customer relationship, they’re more likely to return for a repeat purchase. And if they’re happy customers, they’ll spread word of mouth too.

Social media can get forgotten about. But it’s one of your easiest tools to get the attention of your audience. Similar to email, it works like another touch point to build brand awareness. (Statistica) (https://www.statista.com/statistics/278414/number-of-worldwide-social-network-users/) tell us that there are more than 2.6 billion of us on social media globally each day. You can implement social media into your strategy by creating a plan to post content that’s not only regular, but also relevant and informative. Don’t forget to link to your website and this will all help to build brand awareness.