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5 Reasons Why Awareness Is Crucial In The Customer Purchase Journey

by David Wason

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to impulsive buying for a certain product, we have a preferred brand that will pop into our mind? For instance, you might be craving a cup of coffee in the morning and you naturally head to Starbucks on your way to work. Ever wonder why out of all the coffee shops, the first thing that comes to your mind is Starbucks? Apart from the possibility that you really love the coffee they serve, there could be other reasons. One of the reasons is what we call “brand awareness”. In digital marketing, this is of utmost importance when crafting campaigns and today, we will share with you why. Read through this article to understand brand awareness better.

What is Brand Awareness?

In marketing, campaigns are crafted following a funnel-like structure and on the topmost part of this funnel is “awareness”. Awareness refers to your consumer’s ability to recognize your product, service or brand among a given market. To plan a good marketing strategy, it is crucial to understand “awareness” as a start of the consumer’s purchase journey which you will learn more about in this video:

This video will help you understand the role of awareness in attracting your customers’ interest in buying your product or service as well as achieving brand loyalty. Moreover, it will give you insights into what is called “brand awareness”.

According to Sendpulse, brand awareness refers to the way potential customers are able to recognize a product or service by its brand name. This can also refer to one of the stages in the customer purchase journey that is common to both traditional and digital marketing. Brand awareness is a very important strategy that is proven to pave the way for customer purchase and loyalty.

Brand awareness could include identifying your logo, recognizing a tagline, or recognizing a promotional message. It also entails communicating the values and beliefs of a company. When your brand is the talk in town (for a good cause, ideally), you are one step closer to achieving success in your brand awareness campaign.


While brand awareness is a good start to drive sales, there is a lot of “awareness” that your consumers need to acquire to cement your place in the market, or in the case of digital marketing, the online market. Aside from brand awareness, every digital marketing campaign you initiate must promote awareness to any of the following:

  • Message
  • Program
  • Promotions
  • Sale Day
  • Event

It is important to note that even though recognizing your brand is crucial, there are more ways than one wherein your customers or clients will be able to remember your products or services and as an after effect, they will be able to recognize your brand. For instance, McDonald’s annual event that is in line with the “National Breakfast Day” promotes two things, the company’s support for national breakfast day which is a message (1) and their breakfast menu which is a product (2). While the company doesn’t directly promote their brand, many people end up remembering McDonald’s when “breakfast” or “national breakfast day” is mentioned. Hence, in all aspects of marketing, be it above-the-line, below-the-line, through-the-line or digital marketing, focusing on your consumers’ awareness in your strategies will definitely pay off. 

Benefits of a Good Brand Awareness Campaign

While we cannot emphasize enough how crucial it is to have a good brand awareness campaign for your business, there are several benefits you can gain from such. These benefits will make you realize why you need to consult a reputable digital marketing company in Singapore to craft the right campaign for you.


  • It keeps your brand on top of the minds of your customers.

The first and foremost benefit of investing in digital marketing services to improve brand awareness is that your brand will be remembered. When your brand is easily recognized by your customers, your business will be their go-to when they need your products or services. Even on seasonal digital marketing campaigns, the effect of good brand awareness can be felt. This is the reason why when the holiday season approaches, you can see a lot of ads on Youtube and other social media platforms about Christmas hams. Most likely, you are going to buy from that one brand you recall based on the ads. When it comes to everyday essentials, the food delivery service we often see from social media advertisements is often our go-to, not bothering about checking other services. Because why not? We are hungry and we need the food delivered immediately. Why would we bother checking reviews at that very moment? This is how powerful brand awareness could become. 

  • It can increase or drive sales.

The goal of every digital marketing company in the brand awareness campaigns is to drive sales. Even when we are executing brand awareness campaigns, the end goal is still to increase the sales of the company. This is achievable with well-thought-out digital marketing strategies and SEO services.

  • It promotes brand loyalty.

Many of the brand loyalists started out with recognizing the brand. With continuous exposure to the brand or the brand’s message, brand loyalty is achieved. In most cases, we often forget to look at other brands once we get too attached to a specific brand. What started out as curiosity from the ads we saw in between YouTube videos became a brand we introduce to our friends and families. This is why it is crucial to get your brand across to your potential long-term customers.

  • It improves your brand equity.

Brand equity refers to the worth of your brand in the global market. This is the price you will gain should you decide to sell your brand. Sometimes, this price is not necessarily the actual worth of your brand. Most of the time, brand equity is influenced by the brand’s popularity.

  • It enhances word of mouth marketing.

Word of mouth marketing is something that we carry along into digital marketing. When we once talked about a certain brand among our neighbours, we are sharing our fave brands today with our online friends. Some even promote them on their vlogs. This helps with the credibility of your brand.


Since digital marketing is the key to today’s market competition, it is only fitting that you focus on this area if you want to achieve customer’s awareness for your brand, product, service or initiative. Getting the help of a good digital marketing agency will do wonders with regard to that endeavour as this group of professionals know the nooks and crannies of the online market.

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