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5 Innovative Laptop Features That Are Trending Now

by Nicholas Walker

More and more people are working remotely and even taking their work with them as they travel. It’s no surprise that computer companies are staying competitive by getting creative with their laptop features, and some of them are pretty handy. Beyond useful downloads like OneLaunch Chromium, there are features like wireless charging being built into computers that may save you when you’re in an airport and all the power outlets are taken. Here are five innovative laptop features that are trending now.

1. Camera Covers

Fear has been rising about cameras being hacked on computers and cell phones, and some companies developed stick-on camera covers to help assuage these concerns. Now, laptop makers have noticed the concern and have started offering these covers built-in to their designs. If you’re concerned that your webcam may have been hacked, there may be a way to tell.

2. Long Battery Life

As computers become more and more powerful, battery power needs to become stronger to keep up with the new features. Although small gains are often made in battery life from year to year, there have rarely been significant leaps in this department. Now, however, some laptops are showing a battery life of over 18 hours. The length of the battery will depend on the brightness of your computer and the type of programs you are running. Still, this is an incredible leap from previous models.

3. Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is a trend on the rise, with everything from cars to bedside lamps having built-in charging capabilities. A new laptop design from Samsung has a wireless charger built right into the trackpad, or “screenpad,” as they call it. While this may not seem like the most necessary addition, having this feature when you’ve forgotten your charger might save you in a pinch.

4. Trackpads, Touchpads, and Extra Screens

The traditional trackpad is being overhauled, with many computers now favoring touchpads that do much more than controlling your mouse. ASUS even has a laptop where the touchpad doubles as a mini touch-screen. Speaking of screens, ASUS also has the ZenBook Pro Duo, which has another screen located above the keyboard, providing extra room to access multiple apps and maximize convenience and smooth workflow.

5. Bigger Screens

In addition to adding extra screens, laptops continue to decrease bevel size and increase screen size. This trend is creating beautiful displays on very lightweight devices. Screen size and quality will continue to be a priority as computer manufacturers and designers appeal to all of the content people are consuming on their devices. Some laptops now have more pixels than 4k TVs.

As computers continue to become further ingrained in daily life, companies are coming up with innovative solutions for tech problems. From touch screens to incredible battery life, there are advances that were unheard of just a few short years ago. Depending on your needs, there is likely a laptop out there that can handle most of your concerns. In fact, with the innovations above, there is likely a computer that goes above and beyond all of your computer expectations.