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Why Website Design and SEO Matters in Bariatric Marketing

by Daniel Jennings
Why Website Design and SEO Matters in Bariatric Marketing

Bariatric marketing is a niche market that has been growing over the past few decades. This article will show you why using website design and SEO matters to help grow your own bariatric business.

1. To Get Found

This is the number one reason why your website matters. Simply put, if nobody can find you on the web, you will lose clients. Period. If you are a bariatric surgeon or another medical professional, do yourself a favor, and Google searches your city/state + “Bariatric Doctor.” Do you know what happens? Your name shows up first or within the first page. Why? You have a well-designed website that is properly optimized for search engines – and your potential patient sees this. This is the result of bariatric marketing.

2. To Build Trust

Trust is a major factor when it comes to converting a lead into a patient, yet so few bariatric surgeons actually understand this. Trust is built in a variety of ways, but one of the most notable ways to build trust with potential patients is through your website. If you have great photos that feature before/after results, then this will speak volumes to your potential patient. People want all the information they need about bariatric surgery procedures and what they can do for them. To get all the information you need, prospective patients will likely type in something like “bariatric surgery Denver CO” into Google. If your website comes up first or within the results of page one, then it’s game over. You just won that lead.

3. Landing Pages = Conversions

There are so many great articles that discuss creating compelling titles and heading tags for your website. Why? Simply because it matters! If you are not optimizing your website for conversion, then you are missing out on big-time business. More than likely, 75% of the traffic to your website will bounce (leave without converting). Conversion is key when it comes to landing pages!

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4. Mobile-Friendly Matters

More than 10% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices, so it “boggles the mind” why some bariatric surgeons are not taking this into consideration when it comes to SEO and website design. If you have a poorly designed site that is not mobile-friendly, then you lose out on your potential patient whenever they try to access it from their smartphone.

5. Great Content = More Shares on Social Media

This goes hand-in-hand with building Trust and credibility through Google and social media – especially when you have a firm grasp of topics such as bariatric surgery and overall health/wellness for your target audience. If you are posting blog posts that are well-written, shareable, and compelling to your target audience – then you are doing more than half of the work when it comes to SEO. You would be surprised at how many people click on blogs over websites!

6. Optimizing for Local Directories

Don’t forget about optimizing your website for local directories, especially if you are a bariatric surgeon in Denver, CO. There are many local directories that rank extremely well in the search engines – sometimes even better than their ranking on Google. So do yourself a favor and take advantage of optimizing your website for all relevant local directories!

There are 6 reasons why your website matters when it comes to SEO. Remember, you should be spending at least 50% of your time working on building your online presence. The great thing about this is that it’s scalable – which means you can continue to build an online empire for virtually no cost (except your time).