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Email deliverability: ways to be more successful in email delivery

by David Wason

Not only to send an email, but also to make it noticed by the consumer and potential customer of the company. This is the super task of a company’s marketers. More about today’s requirements, fulfillment of which will lead to email deliverability tells a detailed study of experts from the company Reply. We will talk in detail about how you can achieve high email deliverability with easy-to-follow instructions. But first, a little bit about what affects this process and how to break through the barriers of providers and more.

How to determine email deliverability

Determining email deliverability is quite difficult. It depends on many factors and the actions of many components in the email’s path to the customer:

  • ISP policy;
  • sender’s domain;
  • quality of the mailing list;
  • the frequency with which emails are sent from a particular address;
  • the reputation of the sending IP address;
  • the overall profile and reputation of the sender.

However, email delivery problems can be greatly reduced by detailed mail tracking and mailing list management.

Just your domain and your mail name: uniqueness at a price

This might sound too simple, but the reality is that a factor like the sender’s name has a big impact on your deliverability results. Free email service domains are not too quotable by the services. This happens for a variety of reasons. The main one is the difficulty of checking the validity of the address and the coincidence of the sender-owner. Therefore, a simple and very effective way to improve email delivery is to purchase and set up a personal domain. In this case, emails will come from an address such as hello@bbc.com instead of hello@gmail.com.

A personal domain is much better perceived by spam filters. It always shows belonging to the business world. Therefore, the reputation of such addresses is much higher than the standard and impersonal name of the email address with a free account.

Write what’s relevant and only what’s important – the subject line

Another easy tip to implement is to optimize the main subject line. Such data is the key to attracting consumers’ attention and increasing email deliverability. The subject line should meet at least three optimization requirements:

  • the subject line should be as short as possible, though not one word;
  • the content should be positive – aggressive or negative statements are not acceptable;
  • the text should not be clearly advertising.

If the content of the mailing will be 100% advertising, and the topic itself will start with the words “buy”, “sell”, “rent” – do not count on the fact that the reputation of the e-mail address will be high.