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How to use the fulfillment by the merchant In 2022?

by Nicholas Walker

How should you use the amazon fulfillment by merchant? Before solving this question,  you must know the basics of the FBM. Amazon FBM is considered one of the popular way to ship and delivers the products that are ordered by the customer on Amazon. There are a lot of amazon sellers or buyers who are more interested in the amazon FBM than the FBA due to a lot of the fascinating features. 

If you are interested in selling products online on Amazon FBM, then check https://www.zonbase.com/blog/amazon-fbm-why-you-may-want-to-use-it-now/ online. We also recommend you read the whole post and gather all the relevant information to become experienced and professional FBM sellers. Let us now move into the given facts. 

Overview of the amazon fulfillment by merchant

The terms of the Amazon FBM are means for your logistics partner who is responsible for controlling the inventory management, warehouse stock, handling customer service and shipping orders, and the handle customer returns and complaints. They are the efficient and trusted partner In your amazon selling business. Using the amazon FBM, customer can easily get their product within the short delivery times. 

A way to set the amazon fulfillment by merchant

The process of setting up the amazon fulfillment by the merchant is very simple. There is no need to have some different skills. It is set with the available default option. On the central of the amazon seller, you have the option to list your products from one to another. It is suggested to use the option of “add a product” and select Amazon fulfillment by the merchant. Further, you will read the different fulfillment options. 

  • Create account: 

In the step by step guide to set up the Amazon fulfillment by merchant, you have to first create the amazon account and then start to create the listings of your products

  • Ensure that you have the atleast one warehouse for the disposal: 

The warehouse acts like a fulfillment center. In this case, you have to think about the distribution of the products to a certain location for a shorter time of delivery at low shipping costs. 

  • Ensure shipping of orders on time

You have to keep this point in your mind that you have to ship and deliver the products to the customer within the time frame that you are scheduled and inform the customer. Also, you have to offer the possibility of tracking the status of their orders for every customer. 

  • Modified your account and placed all information related to the returns and the complaints

When the customer places the return requests on their orders, then the amazon FBM automatically sends the return label to your given address. 


This article will deliver you the details on the way to set up Amazon fulfillment by the merchant in 2022. All the given factors in this article must understand by you. 

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