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How Video Calling Gets a New Movement with Caas

by Nicholas Walker

Video calling is a unique way of communicating where the user can connect orally and visually with another person, regardless of how far away they are. There is no doubt that this technology has given us great advantages, but we must also take into account the disadvantages of making a video call, in this article we highlight the main advantages and disadvantages of making video calls. In Huawei mobile all these features are perfectly available. The caas Engine in Huawei mobile, for instance, works perfect.

HUAWEI CaaS Engine offers the app as well as hardware developers access for opening the abilities that are based on HUAWEI MeeTime service. The engine turns video calling perfect for the Huawei phones. It is operable in a wide variety of apps and as well.

Facts about Video Calling

  • Thanks to 4G technology you can communicate with one or more than two users simultaneously.
  • The user does not need a computer to make the video call, he can make it from his mobile, which means that he can make it from anywhere in the world.
  • Being able to have eye contact with the other user makes the conversation more meaningful, so that you can understand much better what the other user needs.
  • Video calls make working from home easier by making it much more connected and productive.

Therefore, video calling is undoubtedly another step forward in the world of communication that must be taken into account, both in the work environment and in the personal. More than an extra function, video calls can become a key part of your business or the daily work of your employees. Before ignoring video calls, try to see the benefits they can bring you and your company.

These Are The Advantages Of Using Video Calls In Your Business:

Flexibility for your clients: many times your clients, or potential clients, live in another time zone, or in a distant place. The truth is that if you have the ability to organize meetings by video call, your clients will feel more accommodated and appreciated, which leads them to want to work with you more. Similarly, it is important for them to know that they have this option when they need anything after hours, or without much notice.

Candidate interviews: nowadays you can’t hire anyone if you haven’t seen them face to face. However, the reality is that there are many potential candidates who live far away and cannot attend your interview. Is it worth letting them go just for that? Here video calls can help you a lot, because you can see and hear your candidates no matter where they live. This way you can make the right decision knowing that you gave all your candidates a chance. It is also a good way to save money in your hiring process.

Work flexibility: one of the most important things in today’s workplace is flexibility for employees. Few people go to a physical office 5 days a week, now many have the ability to “telecommute.” This means that through chats, timers, and video calls, people stay connected during business hours without being present in the office. This is a great advantage for your employees, since it allows them to be at home if their children get sick, or if they have any discomfort, and not miss working days. It’s also good for business leaders who want to be able to travel for more business and keep in touch.

The reality is that little by little every company will have to include video calls in its list of tools for daily use, but for now you can consider these advantages to start using them. This form of video is a good form of marketing for your business and can help you get more web traffic, more sales, and more money.