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PCB Prototype To Mass Production – What Does It Entail?

by David Wason

Do you have a brilliant idea for an electronic product and do you want to give shape to that idea? If yes then you will first need proof of concept – you should first establish that your idea could be converted into an actual product and that it is practically feasible. The first step in this process is PCB prototype building.

PCBs are the nervous systems of all electronic equipment. Only when you manage to have a fully functional PCB, it is possible to take your idea to the next step. Building a PCB prototype however is certainly not an easy idea. The prototype building process goes through several iterations. It is vital that you select the most dependable manufacturer to handle your PCB prototype building process. It is recommended that the company that builds the prototype also handles your mass production needs. When you are selecting your PCB prototype building company you need to keep this factor in mind so that you make the right choices so that you are not forced to look for a different manufacturer down the line.

Once the prototype is ready it has to be tested fully subjecting it to various testing environments. The stability of the PCB has to be established before you go for mass production. In order to ascertain that your China PCB manufacturer could deliver you the expected quality PCB, try to run a sample order. If you try to skip this process you could end up in regrets and unnecessary losses. You will have to identify the best companies based on their experience and their reputation. The manufacturer should be able to meet your requirements in the most effective way possible adhering to the specifications 100%.

Upon satisfactory delivery of the sample orders, you can go for mass production of the PCBs. The production calendar has to be carefully planned based on your requirements. Your manufacturers production capabilities and maximum monthly capacity too need to be taken into consideration when you are planning your sourcing cycle.

Before the PCBs are installed in the actual devices, they need to be tested. Testing protocols should be in place so that every batch of PCB delivered is tested. If you skip this step, the chances of faulty PCBs being installed in the device and reaching the market is very high. When customers get such faulty devices their trust in your brand will shatter. You need to therefore ensure that quality checks and PCB testing are never overlooked at any point of time.

There are several steps in the PCB prototype to PCB manufacturing process. Every single step in the above process is very crucial and they have to be handled with utmost care. If you manage to find the right manufacturer most of these issues will disappear and you do not have to micromanage these steps. Therefore, it is worth taking your time to spot the best suppliers in this field and enjoy hassle-free PCB sourcing process.

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