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  Security Systems – Access To Efficiency Without Compromising Safety

by Daniel Jennings

Working in an unsecured office space is a hassle for both management and the workforce. It could lead to uncertainty and fear in your company’s function. The employees must have a secure workplace. After all, it is a part of their rights as an amiable workforce. A secured workplace can add motivation and confidence for both the company and its workers.

If you are finding or planning to have one for your small business, certain firms can offer a top-notch security system in Singapore. They have the know-how and expertise on delivering outstanding security system services with developing technologies such as a biometric door access system, time attendance system, etc.

Biometric Door Access System

A biometric door access system is an apparatus where it can be amalgamated with an intruder alarm system installed usually on the entry points of your office. This type of security system in Singapore can improve your office’s security by reinforcing entry points for sensitive areas. It can prevent forceful breaks and tampering fingerprints, which in turn, alerts the authorities about potential break-ins. It increases the chances of neutralising any burglar attempt.

A biometric door access system can also implement a complex security protocol inside the office where employees are mandated to be checked properly when they enter workplace areas. It is due to prevent future infiltration and to implement counter-terrorism measures. It will ensure the office’s total security as well.


Types of Biometric Access System

There are several types of biometric security systems that usually allows the application of biological/human characteristics to gain access, here are few devices in the market:


One of the most well-developed types, fingerprint scans are the most common biometric door access system that uses unique fingerprints for encryption. Any unnecessary attempts will have difficulty gaining access to biometric-operated entry points without a matching fingerprint.

Facial Recognition

As complicated as it is, facial recognition takes advantage of the entire markup of a person’s face. It utilizes the distance between several facial points such as the eyes, chin, and forehead. An advanced algorithm in the system modifies it into a unique and encrypted facial signature.

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition uses human voice or sound waves, including the nose, mouth, and larynx to determine the sound produced. Combining data from both physical and behavioural biometrics creates a precise voiceprint.

Iris Recognition

Using the human eye as its main encryptor, it scans the iris for the system called “liveness detection” for user-optical recognition for encrypting security information and identification.

Retina Scan

Same as iris recognition, it scans the unique patterns of the retina for the correct encryption of security information and identification. It is further used for medical procedures and diagnostics about eye conditions.


Time Attendance System

The time attendance system is a security mechanism that limits the risk of human error on employee count and guarantees an easy and orderly approach in addressing specific attendance issues without any uncertainty to the management. It uses fingerprints to validate who is going in or out each day. In turn, it will address and register attendance in the workplace. The system scans the finger, it determines and validates the action to be registered.

A single time attendance system in Singapore can be enhanced by additional software or add-ons.Reporting capabilities are organised in a visual medium with an easy-to-use interface.

Whether your business requires a tool strictly for absence tracking or a system with an advanced record for storing attendance, investing in a time attendance system in Singapore is necessary.


How These Security Systems Affect Today’s Business Operation

With the use of a complex security system in Singapore, businesses can take advantage of having better control in any parameters within the workplace. While investing in a single biometric access door system or attendance system may sound like a costly investment, SMEs can experience the convenience of adding a security layer. It ensures that access to sensitive areas and information is only available to designated/authorised personnel. Here are the perks of using today’s latest security systems:

User-based system

Security and the ability to access permissions are at the individual level. Biometrics is inherent to the human person. Therefore, it would be difficult to trace and be taken by anyone subject to identity theft.

Cannot be easily duplicated

Biometrics is much harder to duplicate because it uses liveness tests to ensure that the data is unique and based on an actual person. It would be too complex to be near impossible to create a duplicate.

Useful permission management

Admins can easily grant or revoke permissions of access to its users from the dashboard, ensuring that non-users cannot gain mutual access to the system.

Easy and efficient

A biometric door access system and most security systems take only a few touches to operate. It is more efficient compared to using IDs as conduits to the entrance that had the higher chances to be misplaced or lost.

Lesssecurity staff

It can also save some upkeep for hiring additional security staff. The average salary of security staff in Singapore roughly costs around $1,400 per month. And it also had to be multiple staff every shift, so the cost of sustaining them is relatively high for SMEs.


In general, investing in a security system in Singapore sets you at a greater advantage in terms of security and employee satisfaction. In turn, makes your company more profitable with better overall customer approval.

Because of this, a biometric door access system (and other security devices) are quickly becoming the go-to choice for access control purposes. Military-grade security, combined with increased convenience and reduced costs, makes it an obvious choice over traditional access systems. It’s far more effective and cost-efficient for a security solution that does not compromise.

There is hardly any proper and affordable alternative when it comes to the security system in Singapore. Its simultaneous simplicity and complexity make it an ideal and must-have component for any security setup no matter the size of your workplace.

If you are looking for a door access system in Singapore, Valsys Technologies provides a wide range of electronic security and access control solutions.