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Typography & Website Design – Selecting The Best Fonts For Web Design

by Daniel Jennings

Typography is one ‘key’ element you should look out for for web design. Typing fonts might seem simple and straightforward. However, arranging these fonts and making them stand out and look good requires knowledge and experience.

In most websites, particularly in ecommerce, the designs and arrangement for typography vary a lot. One might see patterns and ideas, especially if you have a trained eye. Yet, with all the available fonts for web design, the choices are often left to the designer. So, as a beginner, where do you begin?

Know the types of font

Script fonts, sans, sans-serif, vary a lot from one another despite the subtle changes in thickness. Some are more decorative, while others are more modern and traditional. Typography is about the appearance of the language, and it affects the perception of a brand. Make sure that you know the difference and when you should use them. Learning the types of fonts is necessary for graphics and even in responsive web design in Singapore

Learn what is ‘readable’

Typography isn’t just about style. It should be ‘presentable’ with a substance beneath. Some fonts can be generally hard to read, while others are easily read. Yet, they can be ruined by improper colour contrast – making them unreadable. When it comes to ecommerce website design, you should always strive to make everything as readable as possible.

Use information hierarchy

No matter what typeface you prefer, the largest font always at the top is labelled as ‘H1’ (heading 1). The size decreases in H2, further in H3, H4, etc. Hierarchy indicates where the reader focuses more. It defines ordered sequences within a written composition.

Simplicity is king

If you check the portfolio of every website design company in Singapore, you’ll see one thing in common. Despite the variations in designs and style, they all aim to be as simple as possible. Text designs aren’t complicated, and the number of fonts is often 2 to 3.

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