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Data Extraction & Automation with 5 Web Scraping APIs

by Nicholas Walker

Web scraping can prevent A LOT of time.

It will let you hurry up pulling collective records like web page optimizations, key phrases, and content material from each of your competition and your very own/purchaser web websites.

Once you’ve pulled all these facts collectively (aka, scraping it collectively) you could do the bit you couldn’t automate: examine it.

See which key phrases are using site visitors to an internet site, which content material pages are attracting the maximum inbound links and what pages customers are enticing with, and so on.


Apify affords an internet scraper API to move slowly net pages and extract-based records from them with the use of only a few traces of JavaScript code.

It may be run manually in a consumer interface, or programmatically the use of the API. All extracted records are saved in a dataset and may be exported in formats, like JSON, XML, or CSV.

Parse Hub

Parse Hub is an unfastened net scraping device that, of their very own words, lets you show any web website online right into a spreadsheet or API, and effortlessly extract the records you need.

Data may be scraped from records from more than one page. It is amassed through their servers after which effects may be downloaded thru JSON, Excel, or API.

Scraper API

Scraper API is a cloud-primarily based totally net scraping API that handles proxy rotation, browsers, and CAPTCHAs so that you can scrape any web page with only an unmarried API call.

Oh, and also you get a thousand unfastened API calls. Nice.


Octoparse is an exceptional web scraping API to automate records extraction from websites with only a few clicks and without coding.

It can cope with all kinds of websites (countless scroll, login, drop-downs, AJAX, etc) and you could agenda obligations at precise times.

Scraping Bee

Scraping Bee is a scraping API that rotates proxies and handles headless surfing for you.

It can manage to extract the records from net pages, scraping the SERPs and extracting touch facts.

Side note: What is net scraping & is it legal?

Before you dive in and begin scraping left, proper, and center, there are a few belongings you have to realize first.

Web scraping is the gathering of facts from websites and the net as a whole.

Now, search engines like Google and yahoo scrape a metric shit tonne of records (technical term) to prepare their seek effects.

Just the identical way, websites can scrape facts from uploaded records or feedback or publically handy records to enhance UX.

Whenever a consumer visits an internet site or opens a link, recognition of the person’s internet site’s privateers coverage is assumed – and in case you examine it extra carefully, you’ll be aware that records collection (which includes cookies) receives cited first.

So is net scraping legal?

Yes, so long as you do it ethically.

Web scraping is legal, so long as the facts accrued does now no longer compromise the consumer itself (and often, does now no longer personally become aware of the consumer). As lengthy, because the accrued facts are implemented to enhance consumer enjoy and now no longer to junk mail or promote something, you’re okay.

All websites acquire records in a few ways. Web scraping is simply any other shape of records collection.