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What are the aspects we need to consider regarding product photography?

by Clare Louise

You have to understand that the consumer on the internet is at a disadvantage. They buy something they can’t taste or touch, and pay for it in advance and then have to wait one, two or more than five days for it to arrive. The images of the product and the information that you put are the only thing they have to get an idea of ​​what they are going to buy. Before buying, customers refer to the images to get a visual idea of ​​the product or the online store.

More visual formats and visualization tools

When a potential client enters your ecommerce, they can only watch the given images. If your product images are not of quality, you will lose the potential customer. To make the images speaking a lot, you need to be very careful. The goal is to make the visitor feel as if they are actually touching and holding the product, virtually. Ignore giving the same boring background for each image. Remove background and give a different touch to your image, and upload it. A product with the same background on more than two pages, or various products with the same background can ruin the image practicality.

Show the products being used

Displaying images of products is particularly useful in technological, mechanical or assembly products. A very common mistake is to upload photos of a product, but the accessories do not appear in the photographs of the products. Surely the customers will ask “Do you have to buy it separately?” The solution lies in including photographs of these accessories. If there are many accessories, group them on a single photograph. Ask the image editor to crop each image from its original source. After an image is cropped from its background by a clipping path service, it can be placed on a new background, or saved as a transparent product image.

The importance of product images

You are browsing and you find an online store that sells products that interest you. You dig a little deeper into the navigation and you find that there are hardly any images, and the ones that do exist are small and of poor quality. You do not see personalized images of the brand. In the categories you see images without following any particular logic or composition. In the product sheets there is only one image per product, which is just a sketch of the product box on a white background. And when you look for photos of the company or similar, you find a vertical photo taken with a smart phone.

In most of the cases, a potential customer would love to press the “BACK” button. The presence of quality images of the products reflects a solid and personalized corporate branding. As good as the photos are, inevitably we will have to edit them a bit. Especially for the size since having made them in maximum quality, they will weigh a lot and be huge. That will give us very good resolution and a sharp look once we have reduced them. In this case, professionals use deep-etching method.