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Why Do You Need a Prefabricated Data Centre?

by Daniel Jennings

As a business owner, investing in your business is in your nature. It may be in the form of time, energy, money, and even mental and physical health. These are the sacrifices call center training that you must make to level up your business and help it grow further.

“You got to spend money to make money.” As much as this saying is cliche, it always rings true because a business owner does need money to make more money. Every time that you have invested in your business, expect that you will reap rewards tenfold. Whether you are investing in video conferencing equipment in Singapore or outsourcing your financial management tasks, spending money would be worth it.

If most individuals know about the importance of investing in wealth, retirement, and savings, business owners also recognise that making the most out of their profits and savings by putting money into solid investments that will grow year after year is crucial. It will build peace of mind and stability for your business. Among the many corporations or firms leading into bankruptcy, you must ensure that your profits are secure and growing, even without new customers or when you are operating in the middle of a health crisis. Thus, you must know the value you would be getting if you invest in a data constructioncentre.

Data is a collection of facts. In the form of numbers, words, measurements, among others, it has been a valuable asset of businesses to have them. When a business has data, it helps them understand and improve their processes so they can reduce wasted money and time. Today, and for the past decade, the modern business marketplace is a data-driven environment. Some would even say that businesses have become extremely dependent on data. You must already know how helpful it is to have them and use them legally. With data at the core of your business, the decision-making process is faster. Streamlining the process of getting a product made and putting it in the hands of the customer is more effective. Lastly, costs are reduced and profitability can increase!

What you will learn from this article is the future of your business, in the post-COVID-19 world, and what challenges that you might face. Solutions can be made to overcome these, but essentially, this article will highlight the wise decision to invest in a prefabricated data centre. You will understand that the reasons for investing in these types of data management are crucial for the success of your business. If you have been convinced of its contribution to your business, you must know the factors that impact them. Ultimately, getting the data centre for your business is a responsibility, so you might need a few reminders when it comes to maintaining them. Read them all below!


What Will the Future of Businesses Look Like?

There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world drastically. From individuals to businesses, the effects of the pandemic are sure to last. The reality for businesses has shifted, so what will the future look like for you?


Digital transformation

The world must have thought that businesses are steadily accelerating and shifting in the digital age. However, what was shown during the crisis was how businesses radically shifted online. Adaptability is mandatory business competency, and if the new normal calls for a digital transformation, they would not hesitate to jump right in.

You might have become more trusting of what technology can do, so you might have looked into a Huawei Ideahub, IoT devices, cloud, among others that would allow you and your workers to connect.

Tech competencies of workers

A business cannot run without its workers, so one should not be surprised that organisations are expecting investments centredaround workforce training and customer experience management. Without face-to-face interactions, businesses will make a way to improve customer experience in the digital world.

Prioritising IT resiliency

With the growing reliance on technology, one can expect the rising importance of IT systems. Cybersecurity concerns would balloon in the future, knowing that most businesses have shifted their focus on data management. Thus, the building of data centres and the enhancement of cybersecurity practices and equipment!


Why Invest in a Prefabricated Data Centre?

The past decade has seen the significant growth of the prefabricated data centre market. Since it is already established that businesses have become heavily reliant on data, they need to focus on investing in their own data centres.

A prefabricated data centre or often also known as the prefabricated modular data centre is a physical facility with its infrastructure units combined in the factory according to the demands of a project. It also gets reassembled in the field for immediate use. With its high system integration, acentre is pre-engineered and standardised as a solution that has the functionality, independence, combination, and interchangeability.

In all of its technicality, here are the reasons why you should invest in them:


All in one

Unlike the traditional legacy data centres, a prefabricated data centre can organically combine the functions of the server room, power room, and cooling room. If you think about it, investing in one will simplify design and save space. It would assist in increasingly moving your way into data handling.

Reduced energy costs

You must know that traditional modules consume more energy than your prefabricated data centre. It is because the former are not pre-engineered. With the latter, you can help cut back on energy costs and have an essentially more cohesive and efficient system!

Easy to move

With the uncertainty of the future, your company might decide to move to a different city. It would be unfortunate for business owners who initially invested in traditional data centres because they are at risk of being left behind. The opposite would happen if you invested in prefabricated modules because they can be moved physically if needed. Thus, it allows you to bring your data centre to your new location. There is less hassle and no stress when this happens.

Fast deployment speed

Did you know that it can only take one to two months to complete a prefabricated data centre? Unlike the one to two years to complete a traditional one, you would need the simple reassembly of the prefabricated modules at the site. A data centre construction company will ensure that each module and its inner structures follow the standardised installation procedure. Done off-site, your company can focus on more essential tasks without having to worry about the effect of construction on their productivity.

An ensured future

Future-proofing your business has its many advantages. Not only are you assured that you would have a stable future in the years to come, but you would be serving your customers for a long time as well. It would take as simple as investing in new technology to have an edge in the digital landscape and the management of data.


Factors that Impacts the Success of Data Centre Construction

While building data centres is a time-consuming process, there are ways you can do to prevent encountering problems. IT giants know this, so they have taken the lead in adopting modular datacentres to construction companies that they trust. When you are in this situation, you must know the factors that can make or break your investment. Here they are:


Finding the right contractor

As a business owner, you must already know that you must have a relationship with your contractor. Having this, you can expect a successful procurement. A major asset such as a data centre calls for full transparency, and you must find it in your service provider.

If you are in the process of searching for a prospective company to provide you with your latest investment, here are the questions that you must remember to ask them:

  • Who is the project manager who will work with us?
  • Who will ensure that the timelines are met?
  • Does your service include commissioning authorities, control experts, and maintenance personnel involved?
  • What other aspects, or avenues, may be involved to save costs further?
  • How long have you been in service in constructing data centres in Singapore?

Strictness of scheduling

Time is money in the business world. In the construction of your data centre, your contractor must be aware of the importance of following the project timeline. As much as possible, you should designate a sequencing specialist who can understand all the elements of planning and construction.

A tip: you should consider finding a one-stop professional services company! They will provide you with the data centre infrastructure solution that would allow you to know and control the operation status of your entire data centre at all times.

Being aware of your situation

From local regulations to neighbouring business considerations, you must be fully aware of what you have in front of you. When you have this awareness, you can address issues that may come in the way of your business project. Some business owners would look for partners with a full range of knowledge to ensure that issues can be resolved quickly before completion.

Stay on track

The future is happening right in front of you, so you should not live in the past. If you have had errors in your past investments, what you must focus on is how you will fix them. A bespoke data centre might be one of those solutions. Thus, you must ensure that everything is going well in the construction. While a data centre construction company might have already assured you of its success, managing and performing to the critical path brings the project in on schedule and avoids substantial additional costs!


What to Remember When You Have a Prefabricated Data Centre?

Now that you have successfully procured your prefabricated data centre, what must you do to keep them for a long while? With its many advantages, it would be a sin for you to neglect your investment and major assets in your company.

Although this is significantly cost lower than traditional modules, you should still be serious with its maintenance. Here are some of the maintenance practices that you should do:


Replace before it fails

In a data centre, many components need to replacement at certain times or intervals. Each has a life of use that can expire after completing its duration. With this, you must ensure that equipment is replaced to prevent unplanned downtime.

Regular inspections

A data centre staff is responsible to continually inspect your systems and equipment to ensure that they are working effectively. It includes generators, water temperature, fuel levels, among others.

Make more investments

Now that you have modular data centres to save you space, you can invest in more assets in your workspace. Some business owners would take this as an opportunity to invest in transcending their conference room setting. With Huawei Ideahub, for instance, you would be aligning your company’s digital transformation with your future!

Remember that once you start investing in people and services, it will make your life as a business owner easier. It would give you and your employees focus on the needs of your company. With reports of the rise in mental health struggles, you would want to find solutions to avoid them from affecting turning your business dreams into reality.


Your Business’ Future in ACME Associates Hands

The world is currently living in the era of datafication. To make it simple, every aspect of people’s lives from today and the future gets collected and saved. From customer data to browser logs, business owners like you are dependent on it. You need to have a myriad of activities that can explain customer behaviour and detecting irregularities and fraud.

With the gradual worldwide use of prefabricated data centres, it will bring a revolution to data centre construction that your company would want to invest in. ACME Associates has been in this business as the leading provider of data centre solutions! They are the data centre construction company you can trust.

You can get in touch with them and get started with your data centre construction by sending them a message on their website today!