Home Tech Lighting up your home with LED strips: 10 creative ideas

Lighting up your home with LED strips: 10 creative ideas

by Ron Eisenberg

A cold white LED bulb is no longer an expensive and slow-warming option. LEDs offer a wide array of creative options when it comes to lighting your home today. A variety of colors, lumen levels, and shapes are available for these highly efficient lamps, including low-profile, flexible strips that add a distinctive atmosphere to any room.

Thanks to their adhesive backing or clips, LED strips can be placed in all manner of places as long as they are close to an electrical outlet and have an attachment point. This makes LED strips perfect for illuminating areas you’ve only ever dreamed of. Incorporate them into your home in these unique ways:

1. Cornice or ceiling coving

You can highlight architectural details and add interest to your ceiling by installing LED strips in the ceiling coving of any room in your home. You can use them to:

  • Historical buildings can be given a modern twist with subtle accent lighting
  • Make your entryway a warm welcome
  • Enhance your bathroom’s ambiance, or use it as a nightlight
  • Accentuate your kitchen cabinets’ tops
  • In living and dining areas, highlight ornate ceiling details

2. Stairs

Both LED strips under the railing and LED strips under the tread can be added to stairs. In addition to their sleek appearance, they will also make it easier for you to navigate the stairs at night without having to turn on bright overhead lighting.

3. Glasses with mirrors

The use of LED strips to backlight a mirror is a futuristic update to traditional large vanity mirror bulbs. Providing very even lighting and creating a soft glow, it also limits shadows and makes you look your best.

4. Household furniture

LED strip lights under furniture provide a unique glow to a room and can make a small space look larger. However, they are more fun than functional. Consider adding accent lighting to the following pieces of furniture:

  • Sofas and armchairs – add atmosphere and make it easier to find the remote control if someone drops it under the sofa.
  • You can add a soft light to an old table by using LED Strip Lights 32.8 ftto create a modern look.
  • Cribs and beds – conveniently illuminate your floor at night without disturbing your children or partner. You can also use them as headboards to add ambiance.

5. Shelves

A shelf of LED strip lights can provide an attractive way to display your favorite books, collectibles, artwork, or tchotchkes. Also, it makes it easier to find things in dark closets, cupboards, and pantries. A motion-activated LED light stick is another great way to illuminate these spaces without the hassle of switching lights on and off.

6. Under cabinets, in drawers, and on toe kicks

A kitchen or bathroom cabinet, as well as a drawer, can be enhanced by adding LED light strips under or inside them. In addition, under cabinet lighting is useful as task lighting, and will make it easier to find things in cabinets, drawers, and surfaces.

Find out more about under cabinet lighting.

7. Frames for pictures

You can enhance your photos, prints, and artwork and make them stand out even more by adding LED strips to an existing frame or by making your own from plexiglass. LEDs do not emit heat, so they are safe to use when displaying anything.

8. Rims of sinks and bathtubs

With LED strips lighting the bottom of your bathtub, you can create a relaxing, low-light ambiance in your bathroom in addition to backlighting your mirror. Be careful not to fall asleep in the tub if you are too relaxed.

Because these lights might be splashed with water, they’ll need to be IP65-rated.

9. The screens

You can mitigate eye strain by placing LED strips on the back of your various screens (computer, television, etc.). They also look very cool.

10. The outdoors

You can also use LED strips outdoors, but make sure they are rated for the conditions they will be exposed to. When it comes to areas where these devices will be splashed, rained on, or exposed to dust and dirt, look for IP 65 or higher. Otherwise, they can be installed anywhere they have access to an electrical outlet, including.