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Most Common Website Design Problems and How To Solve Them

by Nicholas Walker

Website design is an important element in making your website attractive, effective and engaging. E-commerce sites invest in website designs in order to increase their reach and convert the engagement into profit. Many companies get website design services for their sites.

There are lots of website design services in the country that offer enticing promises for businesses; however, not all of them are able to meet these promises and expectations which often leave clients in disappointment and extra expenditures. 

To prevent these unnecessary spending, getting the best website design company in Singapore that knows how to avoid and solve the most common website design problems is the first step in building a good website for your brands. 

Here are the most common web design problems and how to solve them:

Outdated Design

Many companies refuse to do design upgrades and stick to their five-year-old web designs. There could be a lot of possible reasons why businesses do that. First, they may think that their design is still effective; second, they believe it is unnecessary and unnoticeable by customers; and lastly, they see it is an extra cost.

Website design is continuously evolving, and a lot of web design services are innovating layouts with modern technology. The best website design companies now incorporate 3D and Virtual Reality in their designs.

How to solve this problem?

It is important that businesses are open to changes in the industry. Sometimes, adapting to these modern trends gives you an advantage when it comes to website reach and engagement. Get web design services that are future-minded, willing to cooperate and collaborate with you, and know the nature of your businesses to effectively apply these modern web designs to your website. 

Unresponsive Design

Upon web browsing using your phone, you may still encounter websites that give you a desktop view instead of a mobile view. An unresponsive design put off customers who are accessing your websites through their smartphones. The problem with this is that a lot of potential clients use their phones for internet browsing; being unable to accommodate those users properly means a lost profit, especially for an e-commerce website.

How to solve this problem?

The best website design company in Singapore should have a responsive web design. Basically, a responsive web design makes your website optimal for desktop and mobile use. It can adapt to screen resolutions and sizes without stretching or pinching the website’s layout. You can ask your web design services if they have a responsive web design. 

Slow Loading

There are websites that take a longer time to load than others. Aside from putting off impatient customers, Google can actually rank you low depending on your loading speed. 

There are several reasons why your website’s loading speed slows down. It could be the file sizes that are uploaded to your websites. Images with bigger sizes take a longer time to load, especially for devices that use an older browser version. 

How to solve this problem?

Make sure that the files that you will upload are not too big or small. Uniformed image sizes are much better.

Ask for yourweb design service for a CMS system that automatically adjusts the sizes of the images.

Disorganised Content

A good and organised web design elevates the customer experience of your website. Easy navigation combined with simple keys and buttons that will get customers to their desired product or service will most likely generate sales if you are an e-commerce website.

There are websites that clutter all their information on the same page. Several banners, pictures and other blog content are cramped together making your webpage literal mayhem. 

How to solve this problem?

The first thing to do is to prioritise which content should be on the main page. The homepage usually has the information about your website and your brand like the contacts, about the brand and a list of services.

You can set up a calendar or schedule for your content to be able for your content. By doing this, you can determine which old content should be deleted or remain, and properly layout the content.

Always remember that less is more. Smart use of bullets and infographics is also a good strategy. 

Poor Navigation

Poor navigation is the sibling of disorganised content. If you have disorganised content in your web design, your website must also have a poor navigation experience. 

Cluttered content and other design elements are sometimes the cause of navigation confusion among users. 

How to solve this problem?

The best website design company in Singapore uses different techniques and cues to effectively lead visitors to their desired page in just a few clicks. 

Putting some call-to-actions cues and hyperlinks can improve the navigation of your website without cluttering your website design.

Settling in a Poor Web Design Service

There are businesses that settle for poor web design services because they are afraid to spend. Some projects would be too costly, especially for small and medium businesses that are still starting in the e-commerce industry. And trying to save money by getting a poor service will likely result in the common web design problem mentioned in this article. With that, you are more likely to get the best value of your money for your website.

How to solve this problem?

You and the web design company of your choice can always agree with the budget. The budget will depend on how many and how extensive the service you want to get.

In Singapore, there are grants for website development offered to small businesses that are starting their websites. Some web design companies in Singapore are certified vendors of these grants for website development. Make sure to check if your service provider has this grant.

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