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Technology and the Manufacturing Industry

by Clare Louise

Technology has revolutionized the industry of manufacturing, completely transforming the way businesses operate across all sectors. One such technology is called digital twins.

Digital twins in manufacturing refer to virtual replicas of equipment, components or designs, which can be rendered in real-time 3D and “handled” in a way that mimics interaction with the part itself. Digital twins help with maintenance, training, collaboration, product design and more. By introducing machine learning technology into digital twin use cases, manufacturers can see additional benefits in production efficiency, time-to-market and innovation.

With machine learning, digital twin technology can enable design optimization, faster product development, improved product quality, more accurate design and prototyping, and more. Machine learning in this context can also be used to develop the most efficient production methods possible, further reducing costs and reducing time to market.

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The Growing Use of Technology in Manufacturing from Advanced Technology Services, a provider of preventive maintenance services