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The Importance of Augmented Reality Technology for Marketing and Sales

by Katherine Boykins

In this ever-evolving world, there is a huge change in a customer’s behavior. Initially, there was a trend of passive customers but as everything is getting prestigiously trendy, Customers are also changing to active ones.

The future of marketing and sales has a variety of solutions for presenting a product to the potential customers. For instance, a home buyer is having an opportunity to view the interior and exterior of the house to get a perfect estimate for their future house. Experience of roaming inside a dummy house is far better than watching images on the website of your future house. Additionally, a customer can wear and experience a virtual jacket or any other cloth before buying it.

In this way, Augmented Reality is becoming more and more popular among Marketers and giving opportunities to brands for crafting their customer’s experiences for encouraging conversions and switching customer’s moods towards a call to action button.

Sales of a Brand or Product depends upon the needs and requirements of Customers, And developing desires and needs in the customer’s mind is the job of a marketer or an advertiser. This new technology and idea of Augmented Reality delivers the best possible experience to customers and can be used as a crucial part of marketing strategies for attracting targeted and potential customers.


A marketer can get astounding ideas for increasing sales with the help of Augmented Marketing, as it is the most evolving trend and driving force behind sales and marketing. A brand gives a unique experience of their product to the customer with the convenience of tapping into their mobile devices. It is a kind of unique marketing that increases the interest and needs of customers towards a product, and as result, it helps in the increase of sales.

AR application allows customers to try products or clothes before buying them. From Clothing Store to an Automobile Company, AR is crafting unique marketing strategies. It is widely used in many industries like healthcare, e-commerce, and architecture for marketing.

AR also offers a unique marketing digital component to brands. A business can take its branding products like Business cards or brochures to a different level, Customers can scan printed barcodes with their gadgets for accessing a range of features and information about each and every product. In short, Customers can get a 360-degree view of the whole brand and its products. AR is offering very unique marketing.


Mobile Advertising and Digital Marketing are standing high in the market for making marketing strategies and their results more efficient and effective. Augmented Reality is cutting the cost of marketing by getting customers directly from the virtual world to their stores. Every brand can aware of their potential customers about their products and services virtually at a very less cost. It is a success win recommendation as far as cost-reserve funds and improved execution, particularly when it’s matched with group driven creative and sales communications strategies.


An augmented reality (AR) system is having another layer of information and technology. Most probably it is displayed over an opaque plastic screen or may be over an object. It is completely operated and accessed with electronic gadgets like a smartphone or a computer.


In technical terms, it is a digital extension of a product design. There are many extensive apps for creating Augmented Reality. On a bigger picture, there are two main classes of AR apps-

  1. Marker-based apps – Uses predefined markers to showcase the display of AR that overlays exactly on the image.
  2. Location-based apps- Uses GPS or compass information to display AR objects on physical ones.

Widely available free of cost AR tools are-

  • ARToolkit
  • GoogleARCore
  • Apple ARkit

Conclusively, Augmented Reality Technology is widely becoming popular and trendy. Every coming day, new features are getting launched in AR apps and booming the waves of excitement in the market.