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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing Your SEO to A Digital Agency

by Daniel Jennings

SEO is scalable, effective, and profitable if you know how to execute your digital marketing strategies in Singapore properly. However, SEO is better when done with a group of professionals.

You can optimise your website for SEO by yourself, but you may not reach your goals in time. In a worst-case scenario, doing SEO alone will only cost you a lot of money in the long run. That is why it is a wise idea to outsource your SEO services to a digital agency instead.

If you want to save time and money, outsourcing to a digital marketing agency in Singapore is the perfect solution to your problem. Not only is it cost-effective, but outsourcing is an ideal way to understand the fundamentals of SEO with the help of a digital marketer.

However, when it comes to outsourcing SEO, there are many mistakes that you should avoid. Choosing the right SEO company in Singapore for your business is not the only thing to consider. You have to consider your budget, goals, and expectations before you think of outsourcing your SEO.

Here are some of the mistakes that you need to avoid when outsourcing to a digital agency.



One of the worst things you can do to an SEO company in Singapore is to rush the results of your marketing campaign. SEO takes time before you generate significant results. It might take weeks or months before you attract a reasonable number of visitors to your website. For that reason, forcing the digital agency to make instant results is ill-advised since it will do no good for your SEO.

Instead, you should manage your expectations early on, and create a realistic timeline so the digital agency can reach your goals accordingly. The good news is that the SEO company will discuss with you the details of your digital marketing campaign, and part of it is setting your expectations. At this moment, you can present your timeline to see if the SEO agency can help you reach your goals.


There are many reasons why you should outsource your SEO. One of them is to understand SEO with the help of a digital agency. Unfortunately, some people make the mistake of outsourcing to a digital marketing agency without learning how to follow its advice and suggestions.

The purpose of outsourcing is to improve the efficiency of your marketing campaign with the help of an SEO company. Other than that, the digital agency will provide you with sound advice that will help you accomplish your tasks more efficiently. Ignoring the said advice will not set a precedent for failure, since the digital agency knows what is best for its clients.

If you disagree with specific aspects of the agency’s advice, then you can discuss your concerns immediately. After all, communication is the key to success! Communicate with your digital agency as much as possible if you have some matters to discuss urgently.


SEO is not the only thing you need to succeed when it comes to improving your search engine rankings. If you want to get higher rankings, consider investing in other digital marketing services beyond SEO, such as social media marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and many more.

For example, you can hire a social media marketing company that will manage your campaign on networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Social media will not boost your SEO rankings directly, but it can help you establish authority and reach more potential customers.

There are tons of other digital marketing services that can help you improve your search engine rankings. A good example is SEM, a form of Internet marketing similar to SEO that aims to improve search engine rankings through paid advertising. Depending on the nature of your business, SEM might be the perfect digital marketing strategy to boost your web visibility in an instant.

In the end, it is best to consider other viable options that could benefit your business the most. Keep that in mind before you hire an SEO company in Singapore so you can choose the marketing strategy for your business.


It takes two to tango in the digital marketing industry. In that case, you and your preferred digital agency are the partners in question, and the two of you should work together to come up with more effective SEO strategies. Part of working together is auditing your website, an essential aspect of SEO that you should remember at all times.

Search engines continue to evolve, especially Google. Even the slightest changes with the search engine algorithms are something you should consider for your SEO. In that case, remember to examine the on-page elements of your website.

Website audit refers to the process of inspecting your website and its performance to find out if any issues need fixing. You can ask your digital agency to audit your website and check the on-page elements that you may need to improve.

Website auditing is an essential part of SEO since you can discover issues that could potentially harm your SEO rankings. Request a website audit from your digital agency from time to time so you can solve any technical problems that may arise immediately.


As long as you avoid these four common mistakes, outsourcing your SEO services is a worthwhile investment in the long run. Look for the right SEO company in Singapore for your business, and you will be glad that you choose to outsource your SEO. Get in touch with a reputable digital agency to find out how SEO can help your business grow.