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Top 5 Must-Have Features on a eCommerce Web Design

by Daniel Jennings

The past decade has changed how the industries worked and operate today. With the rise of the world wide web and greater internet accessibility of ordinary people, truly everything has made easy. The market has upgraded its platform. From traditional boutique shops inside the malls, plaza or around the business districts, the selling and purchasing of products and services have moved on the internet as well.

Ecommerce is the game-changer in the market industry. Every brand, services and even individuals create their own website to increase their reach and engagement to people. One of the best-selling points of these products and services is the website design. Website design is like the virtual boutique shop and customer assistance of a client.

It is why creating an effective web design is important. Adding an extra feature for your eCommerce website design can increase your customer engagement a hundred folds. Here are the top 5 must-have eCommerce web design features to try:

  1. Brand

Building a brand is very vital for businesses who are starting in eCommerce. To compete with the bigger names in the industry, you should be able to establish your own brand. The brand is the identity of your company, service, and products. Once you know what your brand is going to be, branding is the next step.

How do you want people to view your brand? There are several things to consider in branding. Does the logo embrace the kind of product and service you want to give? How would you like your brand to communicate with the client? What does your company want to tell the customers?

All of these can be applied in aneCommerce web design. The aesthetic and virtual arts of your website design should scream your brand, and the content that will be posted should be informative about the products and the services you offer. You can thoroughly discuss this with the website design company you can get in Singapore.

  1. Product Pages

A product page is essential for an eCommerce website design. Categorizing your products and services in separate pages lessen the confusion and traffic of the clients visiting the page. It is easier to navigate; sort and finds the products you are looking for.

For example, clothing and apparel websites have separate pages for men, women and children’s clothing. They sort the clothing by its categories. There are different pages for pants, T-shirts, long sleeves and hoodies.

Product pages must include information about the product such as the price, sizes and colours available, and material used. Discounts and out of stock notifications can also be included on the product page. Somewebsite design companies in Singapore put a review feature on product pages.

  1. Shopping Cart and Checkout

Checking out the products should be as easy as paying the cashier in a physical store. A confusing process is the equivalent of check out queues in stores. Complicated check out process can turn off short-tempered customers. Worse, they may leave the site and not make the purchase at all. Make the process easier to prevent this from happening.

Adding cart details such as the items the customer has in the bag, the prices of each product and the total price, including the tax and shipping fees, make the customer purchase process easy. Wide options for billing and shipping methods is a major plus point. Other features such as allowing customers to save items for later or remove items from the cart enhances the shopping cart and check out experience. Most website design companies in Singapore offer this kind of feature for eCommerce websites.

  1. Blog Feature

A lot ofeCommerce website design has a blog or social page. It is where your brand communicates to your customers in a more personal way. Posting blog articles not only inform your loyal customers about your service and products, but it can also lead people outside to your websites. It can boost your visibility on Google and other online platforms.

Blog features can also post reviews and testimonials. It builds your relationship and communication with your customers. It makes them feel like they are being heard. Seeing positive reviews and feedback, and high ratings on your items makes your items look more desirable and convincing to buy.

Adding social share buttons also increases the visibility and reach of your products outside your websites.

  1. Responsive and Compatible Design

What’s the use of visually attractive, easy navigation web design if it can only be accessed with a desktop? Many website design companies in Singaporeare working on a responsive website design. A responsive web design allows the website to be accessed using a desktop or mobile phones without compromising the interface.

Some websites allow mobile viewing; however, the customer has to drag throughout the website layout as it does not fit to the mobile phone screen. Responsive web design solves this problem by creating a homepage suitable for desktop and mobile viewing.

Any type of internet browsers should have the capability to launch the website with the same quality. It should be fast loading and have high-resolution images and videos. Your eCommerce website flexibility makes it inclusive and it enhances the customer’s browsing and scanning experience.

Designing an eCommerce website is not easy. There are several factors to consider. You have to have a balance between marketing strategies and customer service and satisfaction. Unlike in physical stores, the customer engagement in the eCommerce website is not relatively at a personal level; however, it has greater reach and convenience. Making the most out of this advantage is easy, but making the drawbacks work is the challenge. It is why smartly designing an eCommerce website is important. By having these key features, you will have a firmer grasp of an effective eCommerce web design.

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