by David Wason
  1. Note the rear diameter of your device. If mounting 2 or greater

Gadgets aspect via way of means of aspect make certain the middle factors are;

  1. A) Aside via way of means of at the least 1/2” greater than the device rear diameter;
  2. B) At the least 1/2 of the diameter (radius) plus 1” (25mm) beneath any

Ceiling, shelf, or different overhead obstruction; and

  1. C) 1/2 of the diameter (radius) plus 1/four” (6mm) above any decrease shelf,

Ground or desk fixture.

Otherwise, Slide ‘n Lock dovetail engagement can’t be made. If blending

Devices of various sizes calculate horizontal middle distance primarily based on

The biggest unit you must use.

For more: Weems and Plath

  1. Also make certain the middle factors are at the least 1/2 of the diameter (radius)

Plus 1/four” (6mm) far from any aspect obstruction or corner.

  1. If mounting 2 or greater devices vertically above one another, assessment items

1 & 2 (this phase) concerning clearances to top, aspect, and bottom.

Multiple middle factors ought to be at the least one diameter plus 1/four” (6mm)

Asideif blending devices of various sizes calculate vertical middle

Distance primarily based totally on the biggest unit you must use.

Installation Instructions

  1. with the device face down on an easy gentle floor or lap,

And with the midnight role of the device toward you, push

Weems Slide ‘n Lock rear mounting plate, black molded plastic

The mounting device in a sliding movement far from you. This might also additionally require

A few pressure to conquer the locking dimples.

  1. Select the middle factor in which you need to mount the devices

Mounting plate at the wall or bulkhead. The mounting

Floor must be flat for at the least a diameter of eight”.

  1. Lightly draw 2 traces, one horizontal and one vertical via the middle

Factor you’ve got selected. Each line needs to be approximately 5″ to 6″ long,

Targeted at the middle factor of the mounting plate.

IMPORTANT: Please examine the Additional recommendations phase beneath

Earlier than continuing.

FourPlace the mounting plate firmly at the middle factor making sure that the

Weems & Plath brand and element quantity are upright. Align the four existing

Recessed traces at the front face of the mounting plate with the pencil

Traces formerly marked at the wall or bulkhead.

  1. Using a pointed device or pencil, mark via four holes to put the

Mounting screws at the wall floor.

  1. You need to drill 3/32″ holes through the wall marks after you remove the mounting plate

Two-millimeter drill bit.

  1. Stepped mounting holes are designed on the mounting plate. The

Smaller diameter allows correct hollow marking and avoids the

Mistakes inherent in measuring or the usage of a separate revealed template.

The large diameter is to get hold of the diameter of the screw thread.

  1. As the screws are pushed tight, the skinny plastic forming the smaller

Diameter hollow will supply manner across the screw thread and shape a tight


  1. Weems & Plath advises that on a few wall substances such as

Fiberglass, it’s far feasible that the fabric across the drilled hollow can

Swell and displace forwards inflicting a volcano ridge across the

Screwthis ridge will save the mounting plate from being screwed

Tight to the wall. It is usually recommended after drilling the four holes that they are

Countersunk growing an area to soak up any fabric displacement.

  1. Secure the mounting plate in the region with 4 No.8 spherical head stainless

Metallic Phillips screws supplied. These screws will displace the skinny

Plastic withinside the holes as they’re pushed home. Ensure the screws are

Tight and the plate is firmly flat in opposition to the wall.

  1. Place the device’s lower back aspect above the mounting plate and role

At the vertical middle line approximately ¾” (20.00mm) above the horizontal

Middle line and slide downwards to interact with the dovetails.

  1. When resistance is felt press firmly downwards to the purpose the Slide ‘n

Lock dimples to clip into the region. (This is the opposite of step 1 above.)

This will keep the device firmly in the region to save you from shifting or


  1. To eliminate the device for secure storage, calibration, adjustment or

Battery change, opposite steps eight & nine of the setup procedure.